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    Our Services.

How ELT Acquisitions can help you buy or sell an EFL school

You can make use of our expertise

It is likely that we have had more experience of buying and selling language schools than you have had. We know the system. We know how to avoid common pitfalls, how to overcome problems, and how to negotiate the best possible terms.

You can save time

We will do the research for you. We will arrange introductions, viewings, and meetings, and we will negotiate on your behalf.

You can benefit financially

Quality schools are in demand but unwary owners can be prey to the large chains, unscrupulous property developers, and time wasters. We can match school owners with genuine buyers who are prepared to pay the right price for the right school.

You can act in complete confidence and anonymously

You may not want your competitors or, more importantly, your staff and agents to know you are exploring possibilities. We will maintain your confidentiality as long as you wish us to.

Buying an English Language School

You may wish to add to your portfolio or start a new venture in the industry. We can help you find the right business. We will proactively search the market for you, provide expert advice and find you a school that meets your requirements.

Our services include:
1. Introduction to school owners wishing to sell
2. Brokerage and advice throughout the process
3. Provision of school and property documentation

Depending on your specific requirements we can also offer:

  1. Expert advice on acquisition strategy, guidance on identifying acquisition profiles, and dedicated assistance throughout the acquisition process
  2. Canvassing of targeted businesses and schools in designated areas and/or to fit specified profiles, if necessary
  3. Advertising in appropriate media, if required
  4. Collection and presentation of key documents, e.g.:
    • Details of leasehold/freehold interest
    • Accounts
    • Accounts history and explanations
    • Agents’ valuations
    • Planning applications, if any
    • Other assets
    • Outside interests
    • Amortisation 
  5. Introduction to and subsequent negotiation with target(s) 
  6. Acting as your exclusive agent in all matters pertaining to your acquisition.

Selling your business

Many school owners would prefer not to make it public knowledge that they are considering selling. The more people you approach makes it more likely that your staff and possibly your agents will find out before you are ready to announce your plans. Therefore, if you are thinking of selling your language school, please contact us for a no-commitment discussion in complete confidence.

We can advise you on how to prepare your school for sale and, when you are ready to proceed, we will match your school to the requirements of our clients in the hope that we can introduce a buyer to you.

Normally there is no fee for this service.

Our core business is within the UK but we also have clients looking for schools outside the UK so please contact us wherever your school is located.

Please contact Peter Dewhirst on : (+44) (0)195 385 7373 or send an enquiry to:


We assure you that any contact you make with us will be treated in the strictest confidence, and we will not pass on the name of your school without your prior permission.

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